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Web hosting


Wide range solutions

We offer a large variety of web hosting solutions in order to satisfy all our Customers.
Starting from a few GB up to some TB, we rely on various Internet Providers capable of offering many other services related to web hosting such as Domain Hosting, infinite email accounts creation, database support and much more.
The first step in making a new website is owning a space on the web: for this reason, we can take care of all the aspects related to domain and web hosting making the entire process easier, once again, for our Customers.

Ease above all

As soon as the customer fully understands his own web-needs, the research of a new domain can begin: sometimes will be easier to find the right one, sometimes harder, but always possible.
Once established the definitive domain name, we can proceed with the subscription of the domain and the related web space. We will then provide the customer with all the information related to his new web-space and, eventually, any requested credential (FTP, SSH etc.) so that he may make his new website on his own (if he wants to).


Giving a definitive price list for domain and web hosting is impossible, since the cost of this kind of services is subjected to ongoing and sudden changes, due to demand fluctuations.
Anyway, as a general indication remember that:

  • Domain annual rates usually vary between 10 and 30 Euros per year, depending on which TLD (top-level domain) You chose.
  • Web hosting annual rates are related to the amount of storage you decide to purchase, and vary between 25 euros/year (15GB) and 1000 euros/year (1 or more TB)

You may have further details on web hosting prices & solutions by contacting our info section at this page.  

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