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Web development


Websites for each one, not everyone

We offer a large variety of web services, but of course Key Laboratories as a Web Design Division was born to deal with websites creation projects. We can take care of all the steps required to create a new, endearing website - no matter if it is going to be a personal one or a business one.  

Starting from a consolidated step by step learning procedure about Customer's needs and preferences, our goal is creating a new website built and customized for the single as much as possible: our websites are never the same.


Our websites are also multimedia-friendly and can handle with no difficulties the following types of multimedia objects:

- Images: auto scaling, manual scaling and auto/manual navigation through the photos. Possibility of post-production effects such as filigrees and visual dynamic effects added in our Laboratories. Image copyright safeguard by locking image download and much more

- Photo Galleries: different layouts, with or without thumbnails, auto/manual scrolling, transitions and much more.

- Videos: html5 video player

- Animations (Flash Player): standard flash animations

- Html objects: do you have any html/Java Script object created by you for previous projects? Don't worry, we can integrate it in the new project.

In any case, once the customer will have provided us with the desired elements we will take care of including them in the project.


We can also create stunning blog sites, capable of advanced functions and layout options. User authentication could be implemented and/or required, then automatically (server managed) or manually managed by us.
Relying on us for his blog, the Customer can take the advantage of:

-Online direct comment management, by using an administrator online tool

-RSS feed channels creation

For blog sites only, we can provide a more frequent update service.

From HTML5 to SEO: always on the cutting edge

We give technology forefront a great importance: that is why our websites are written according to the latest HTML standard, version 5, and are always mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimized. We will even discuss with you our tag and key-word choices, trying to understand which words could mean the most for your business: just in case we had missed something.
We are also able to provide websites capable of main e-commerce functions and database/registration management.


Even in this case, as for web-hosting rates, giving a definitive price list is impossible: much of the actual cost of developing a new website depends on how much data there will be to collect and insert, structural complexity and so forth.
Anyway, if you want, You may have a first, general estimate about how much is going to cost you your project by contacting our info section at this page. Remember that additional costs may occur during the development process.

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