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How we work


Fast and Easy

The making of a website should not be a long and laborious process, but rather a fast and easy-to-handle operation.
This does not mean that a website has to be elementary - our sites are not at all. However, we follow a series of optimized, standard procedures in order to get the best the most fastly we can.

Are part of this process some key information we request to the Customer at the beginning of the project, such as:

  • Topic of the website: whether it is a collection of family photos or a portal business, this is the soul of the project, the point from which everything else begins.
  • Aim of the website: it is possible that, once established the topic of the new site, it is anyway necessary to better appraise its purpose. This can help to refine the project, understanding which details should be added or deleted, or maybe what could be improved.
  • Data: your Company's products, the articles of your personal blog or in general any other relevant information you need to add to the website. This is the key part of the project, since this is what your website will be made of.

A part from some additional operations that may occur in case of particular needs, this generally sums up the process of creating a new website with Key Laboratories. No lines of code, nor even bad-looking websites created with free web editors: just results.


Sometimes the costs related to the making of a new website could represent an important dissuading factor: with Key Laboratories you can create a highly functional and professional website at a low cost.
However, this does not mean you have to stay in the bottom of the rankings: all sites created by us are imediately placed in Google's indexing databases in occasion of the first upload of the website, so that you will always be at the forefront.

All-inclusive experience

To make it even easier to create a website, we offer a complete formula or "All-in", primarily designed for individuals and small businesses who do not want or can not handle the technical aspects of the creation and the maintenance services of their website.
Accordingly, if you want, Key Labs.could handle the opening and maintenance of a web space, in combination with the creation, publication and scheduled update of your website for you. You just have to provide the data of your future website, have a cup of coffee and enjoy your new site without having to press a button: we will do everything.

For further informations check out our Products and Services sections.

If you have any other question, have a look at our Contact Us section. We will be glad to help you.

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