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Your Company needs a website

Back in the far 90's some of the biggest companies in the worldwide market started making their own websites. They did not need one, as they were growing themselves and there already was television to convince even the hardest customers to buy: neverthless, they decided to build one anyway.
In a few years, Internet became the largest business showcase ever existed in the world, with thousands of new commercial websites created every day. People started using internet to inform themselves, and to buy: since then, there is not a single company not having its own website.

Key Laboratories proudly works in the field of professional websites, aiding companies to reach their goals with functional, stunning websites. Even in this field, we offer all inclusive solutions including web-hosting and mainteinance services, thought for large enterprises as well as for small companies.

How to do it

The making of a professional website is not a simple operation and requires a lot of attention to every detail, especially in the first phases of the project, in which the project itself is going to be delineated.

The "start-line" consists in the analysis of the business-reality of the company, trying to find out what is important and should then be represented in the website. This is not a simple operation in general, and its complexity grows up together with the dimension of the Company.
After that, it is time to gather all the information to include in the website: ranging from contact information to the Company's products (assuming that it is a commercial company), everything should be organised in a conceptual map which is going to become the future sitemap of the website.
Finally, if everything it is time to think about publishing the new website, giving it a name (and so a domain), linking it to one or more related email addresses, deciding how to update it, and so on. As said before, we can take care of this part as well as of the others if you want.

Different solutions for different needs

When we talk about a professional website, we talk about various things: many different services, many pages and a lot of work, for example. The maintenance and the updates of a website, for instance, are two important members to list in the services.

In general, expenses related to a new website are made of many sub-expenses like site construction, maintenance, scheduled updates, web-hosting, support. Other factors are possible, as well as some of these ones could be decreased by... doing the task yourself.

Generally, we try to offer as many services as possible in order to reduce the final cost to the Customer: the final decision, however, is up to you.

If you would like to have further clarifications about this, feel to free to contact us by visiting the Contacts page.

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