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Create a website for your Association

A new, brighter image for your Association

We often think of websites as something related to commercial companies, who use them mainly to make their business, or at most to individuals who use them for personal purposes instead. But there is another kind of subject who can potentially benefit from the creation of a website: associations. "Association" is a vague term: here indicates, in general, any group of people sharing the same interests, the same passion or maybe pursuing a common target. A group of researchers, a ski club, a group of old-time cars lovers can all be considered "associations" in this context.

In all these situations, having a website could be useful: it could help your association increase its importance, its visibility and - perhaps - its number of members. Additionally, you would gain the possibility to tell the entire world what your association is doing, what it has achieved and what it is aiming at for the future. You could then involve more and more people keeping them constantly informed with news on your association.

How does it work?

A website made specifically for an association is a bit different from a business one. The purpose behind it changes, and so does the entire nature and essence of the site itself. It is not matter of selling now, it is matter of informing people.
This means that the website is more likely to be blog/news oriented, with lots of articles and news sections, and maybe a lot of photos and galleries. This makes the website much more dynamic than a personal or business one, and consequently the maintenance/update service gains much more importance in this context.

For this reason, we provide a specific solution for Associations' websites, with special rates for updates and changes to the sites. We also provide an easy to use online tool to manage the comments in case should the site have blog sections.

Practically speaking, creating a new website for your Association follows a process which be summarized as follows:

Analysing the Association to find out the website's purpose and try to define its structure

Collecting data in various forms like pictures, articles and so forth

• Establishing a maintenance/update plan

Why Key Laboratories?

We always try to offer the most competitive services in this field. In this particular case, our purpose is to help associations build up their own website within an easy process.
Of course, the bigger is the association, the more complex becomes the process - this is inevitable: what we try to do is to make the global operation simpler, by including in a single package all what the Association needs now and will need in the future for its website, at reasonable prices.

If you would like to have further clarifications about this, feel to free to contact us by visiting the Contacts page.

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