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All inclusive


The easiest solution

We provide an "all-inclusive" service specifically built for our Customers who do not want to take care about any aspect of the creation of their new website. Thought for business as well as for individuals, this is a particularly good solution as the Customer has nothing to do except giving us the necessary indications for the project: we think about everything else.

How does it work?

As soon as the Customer gives us all the information needed for the new project, we can start with the initial operations such as domain and web space subscription. We then proceed in creating the structure of the future website, collecting and gradually inserting all the data the Customer gives us.
In the future, once the website is completed, we will offer an update plan, discussing with the customer updates' frequency and relative fees, in order to keep the website always up to date with the latest products, photos or anything else.


The cost of this service includes maintenance and development costs. In detail, it is made of web-space and domain hosting annual rates and website development/update costs.
Anyway, we always try to make things simpler by merging some rates together, for example update and web hosting rates, so that the Customer can better understand the global cost of the service.

You may have further details about this service by contacting our info section at this page.

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